Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program of The Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology
(A region focused on strengthening international competitiveness)
文部科学省 地域イノベーション戦略プログラム(国際競争力強化地域)とくしま「健幸」イノベーション構想推進地域
Tokushima Health-and-Happiness Innovation Program

In the ‘Tokushima Health-and-Happiness Innovation Program’, we aim to overcome diabetes and prolong healthy life by implementing a wide range of activities related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes with all the strength of Tokushima prefecture through local community networks and research and development bases that have been established so far.

We will conduct world-level research and development for diabetes, utilizing the knowledge of universities and develop more products and services based on the achievements while carrying out strategies for health promotion of the local people.

Through these efforts, we will bring the products and services into domestic and overseas markets to overcome diabetes whose prevalence is rapidly increasing worldwide now. We will be also engaged in ‘promoting and keeping healthy workers’ and ‘reducing medical expenses’ and establishing a diabetes-related problem-solving model to revitalize the local economy.

We will establish an ‘innovation ecosystem’, which enables us to create innovation with strong collaboration of industry, government, academia and financial institutions and utilize the benefits earned from the innovation to create further innovation, and build a world-level base for clinical research and development for diabetes, which is independent and sustainable even after completion of this program.

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