Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program of The Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology
(A region focused on strengthening international competitiveness)
文部科学省 地域イノベーション戦略プログラム(国際競争力強化地域)とくしま「健幸」イノベーション構想推進地域

In July 2014, with the ‘Tokushima Health-and Happiness Innovation Program’, Tokushima was designated by Japanese government as ‘Regional Innovation Strategy Promotion Area (a region focused on strengthening international competitiveness)’ for the first time in Shikoku area in Japan, and at the same time, selected for a ‘Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program’.

Since the number of diabetes patients is sharply increasing worldwide, especially in Asian countries, we accordingly have to overcome this problem at a world scale. By proceeding with this program, we will develop what we have experienced so far in Tokushima and make further commitments to the accomplishment of this goal with the cooperation of industry, government, academia and financial institutions.

We will accelerate our efforts based on this program to build a strong partnership with related organizations to revitalize local economy by creating health and healthcare industries and realize a healthy and long-lived society by overcoming diabetes.

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